Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find an answer to your question? Contact us through the recall submission form.

General Information

Why is Black Diamond doing this recall?
Black Diamond is issuing a recall, subject to inspection, of 18 mm Nylon Runners in 60cm (24in) and 120cm (48in) lengths because of a possibility that the nylon runner is not load bearing and will fail during standard use.
What is the technical reason for this recall?
This recall is due to a small number of Nylon Runners found containing a tape splice, resulting in a product that is not load bearing and will fail under standard use.
What does the term “Subject to Inspection“ mean?
While we are initiating a formal recall, climbers and retail shops can determine if their Nylon Runners are affected by this recall by visually inspecting them for the presence of a tape splice. In the case that a tape splice is found, stop use immediately and return the runner to Black Diamond for a replacement.
Has anyone been hurt because of this issue?
No injuries have been reported.
How is Black Diamond going to fix the problem?
We will replace your Nylon Runner with a new, fully inspected Nylon Runner.

Inspection Procedure Questions

How do I know if my runner is part of the recall?
All colors of 60 cm and 120 cm 18 mm Nylon Runners made in 2014 and 2015 and bearing a CE number of 0333 are within the scope of the recall and need to be inspected. Follow the inspection procedure on the recall page for these runners.
Where do I find the year of manufacture?
The year of manufacture is woven into the fabric label sewn onto the runner. It appears directly below the kN strength rating.
If I have a runner with 2014 or 2015, but a CE marking other than 0333, am I still part of the recall?
What defect am I looking for?
You’re looking for the presence of masking tape in the body of the sling. If masking tape is present, go to the recall page and follow the instructions for returning your runner and for getting a replacement.
There is no tape on my runner. Should I send it back?
No. Only runners found to have a tape splice need to be returned to Black Diamond for replacement.
I found some masking tape on my runner. Is it covered by the recall?
Yes. Please go to our recall submission form. We will send you a prepaid shipping label so you can send it back for replacement.
What if I have 30 cm or 240 cm Nylon Runners?
Sizes of Nylon Runners other than 60cm and 120cm are not included in this recall.
Are your Dynex runners being recalled?
No. Only 60 cm and 120 cm Nylon Runners (solid colored) are included in this recall.
Are quickdraws included in this recall?
No. But Click here for more information on our carabiner recall.
I’ve followed the inspection procedures, and I’m still not sure if my runner is affected by the recall. What do I do?
Contact Black Diamond using the recall submission form.
What would happen if I were to climb with these runners?
A runner with a tape splice is not load bearing and will fail under standard use.
Can I fix a runner included in this recall by myself?
No. Do not attempt to fix an affected runner. Send it back for a replacement.

Shipping And Returns

Can I get all of my runners replaced?
No. We are only replacing runners that are subject to this recall.
If I find a runner included in this recall, can I return it to the shop I bought it from, or do I have to send it back directly to Black Diamond?
Regardless of where you bought your runner, you should return it to Black Diamond using the online recall submission form.
How long will it take to get my replacement runner?
Once we receive your Nylon Runner, we will ship out a replacement within approximately three business days. Actual shipping times will vary by location.
I’m going on a climbing trip, and I need my runners back faster. What can I do?
Contact Black Diamond using the recall submission form. We will work to find a solution.
Do I have to pay for shipping?
No. We will cover all shipping costs.
Are there special precautions to take when shipping my runner for replacement?
Please place it in a padded shipping envelope or in a box, and mail it to us using the prepaid mailer sent to you.
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